Antique Dutch Silver Stork Baby Scissors c1900

Antique Dutch Silver Stork Baby Scissors c1900

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This is a super pair of antique Dutch silver ‘stork’ birth scissors measuring 3 1/2” (9 cms) high with red stone eyes.

Inside the body of the stork is a silver figure of a baby which becomes visible when you open the scissors.

There is the Dutch silver hallmark of a dagger on both handles, which dates the scissors to pre 1905, and there is also a maker’s mark which is unfortunately indistinguishable – they weigh 32 grams.

It is said that these scissors were given as presents to pregnant women and they were put on the mantelpiece to await the day of birth. Either the scissors were meant to cut the umbilical cord at the birth, or they were meant to thread the ribbon into the baby’s first clothes. It’s not really clear which of these stories is true, you can find references to both theories.

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